5 Strategies for Self-Marketing Your Art

As an artist, you’re well aware of how much time and work goes into your project. You spend hours to make everything just right. You are very exacting and professional, and you want to ensure that your customers are getting a quality product. When it comes to marketing, nothing is more frustrating than trying to market it. Here are five great strategies for self-marketing your art:

Local Businesses

Most artists prefer to live in a small town or an artsy town. Within these towns are many ‘mom and pop’ local businesses that allow artists to display their goods. So, gather together some great samples and go door to door with local businesses, and find out how many would be willing to put up just a few pieces of your art. It’s a great way to get to know people, and who knows, it might turn out to be a great deal all around.

Craft and Art Shows

Many towns have annual craft or art shows. Some of them have several a year. Enter a few pieces into the shows or have your own booth and get to know the visitors. Be sure to have plenty of great business cards on hand and some great samples of the pieces you represent. You could even take special orders to further your business.


In today’s modern society, every business should have its own website. Here you can showcase your art and show it off. Be sure to include some great pictures; this is a way for people to contact you and whether or not you’ll take special orders. Set it up as an e-commerce site so that you can take credit cards and PayPal, and you’re likely to make some great sales.

Social Media

When people think of social media today, they think of Facebook, Google Plus, and Twitter. Be sure you have a presence on all three. A fan page is a great way to send people to your website and share your works. Give a few incentives and make sure that you are showing off your great artwork. Keep these pages frequently updated as you never know when your customers are perusing the site to look for that ‘perfect’ gift for someone.

Word of Mouth

A happy customer will show off the art that they bought from you and will encourage others to see your works. This is a great way to do some self-marketing. Include a few extra business cards with every piece of art that you sell. You’ll be sure to have rave reviews, and your customers will be delighted to share your card. It is amazing how this simple step can gain you more customers.

Artists are a special breed of people. They are focused, unique and enjoy their work and creative outlets. It is hard to find artists that aren’t happy with their life. They are very intense people and great assets to have on anyone’s friend’s list.

Self-marketing is a great way for an artist to go as it allows them to continue their creativity and ensures that they are selling to the markets that they desire. It helps them to fine tune their work into a well-crafted item so that they can keep up with the demands. Self-marketing is easy once you get the hang of it and once you try it, you’ll never go back.