Art Can Be So Many Things

Many of us take the time, at least once in our lives, to ask ourselves this one simple question: What exactly is art? This is something that’s hard to explain. A lot of things are considered art. It’s interesting to note that many things the general public considers a science is art, and can range from medical practices to hangings.

Dentistry is Art

Did you know that dentistry is art and not a science? It’s true that a dentist needs to know a lot about science to get into the field and be successful, but the fact is there’s no right way to fill a cavity and make it look natural, so this means that dentistry is art. There also isn’t a right way to clean teeth, making that art as well.

Hanging is Art

Hanging, a form of execution is art just like painting a picture. This sounds weird, so let me explain. Hangings in the old west went wrong all the time; they didn’t have the proper drop for the proper weight. Once they devised a chart to fix this, most of the hangings went as planned. Yet, there were still mistakes. If something has a formula on how to do it, but isn’t always right, then it’s art.

Visual Arts

When it comes to visual arts, anything we say is art. This means that someone can cut a leaf from a tree, and then say that this leaf is art. You might disagree; you might think it’s a leaf, but the truth of the matter is, once you say it’s art, it becomes so.

Music is Art

Music is art to many people. Art can be anything we enjoy for its beauty, including things we don’t see, but listen too. Romeo and Juliet is a work of art because many people find the story beautiful. There’s also no right way to put on a play thus making it art. The same is true with music but to a lesser extent. There are some things that have to be constant in music, and example of this is timing. Yet, there’s also a lot of liberty as to what the sound can be. So, music is another one of that combination of science and art trades.

Teaching is Art

Teaching is an art as there’s no right way to do it as long as it’s done. It might also be considered art because each student learns in his or her own way. You can’t teach an auditory learner through a book, in the same way that you can’t teach a visual learner with a lecture. Teaching is art, believe it or not.


Many people think that crafts are art. Although they involve a lot of creativity at times, they’re science. You have to make a cup a certain way in order for it to function as a cup; this is the same for a tea kettle, or anything you might make that serves a function. I guess you could say that it’s a combination of art and a science. But, when it serves a purpose, some things do have to be just right.


I hope this has enlightened you on the meaning of art. A lot of people think of art as being a picture on the wall, but I hope you’ve realized that it’s so much more than that. Art is more than just beauty; it’s also about liberty. A teacher, an executor, and even dentists are artists in their own right. Once we learn all the places where art is used, it gives us a higher appreciation for it.