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Manual Training | Backsafe

What Is A Manual Handling Course

When you are looking for the manual handling course you will find that it can be difficult to understand the course or even how to implement the course. What is even worse is some companies when they are looking at the manual handling course they do not even know what these courses are or what they are required to be put in place.

What Is A Manual Handling Definition

A key starting point you need to look at is understanding what the manual handling is going to be talking about. The definition as a paraphrase here is going to be defined as any type of work that requires you to lift, push, or pull. So this entails almost any type of work because even a secretary will have to lift reams of paper from time to time. This is coming from the Manual Handling Operating Regulations 1992.

The program and regulations came about because of a spike and consistent rise in the injuries in the muscular and skeletal systems of the body. With the program it is meant to help educate people in how to reduce their injury rates by education on how to lift and protect themselves from the injury they could be suffering from.

In the system that was implemented, you will notice it will have a tier type of system. This system is going to help provide a step plan to implement any course you plan on using.

The first step is to do a training on how to avoid any type of situation that could cause harm. This can only be done if the people can do so feasibly and not have to be concerned about not being able to complete the job while doing it.

The second step you need to do will be to assess the situations that are going to be unavoidable. For example, in some jobs, you will find that you cannot help the work that could lead to injury. Think about the fire service for this type of work.

Finally, you will notice the third step is to use a program that will help in reducing the risk of injury as much as reasonably possible. This can come from providing the proper training, but also getting the equipment people may need to use to help them stay safe when they are in the field working.

Backsafe TrainingImplementation of the TILEO program is going to be something else that can help out as well. When you are using the TILEO program, it will be easier for you to find the help and guidance for the employees to follow and know they will be protected.

You may be asking yourself what does TILEO even stand for. Well, that is a good question and one that is going to be answered as it is covered by the Task, Individual, Load, Environment, and Other Factors. All of these are going to be important for people to evaluate and it will make a difference in how well people are able to perform when they are getting the treatment. At the same time, though, it can help people feel safe if they are following the chart properly.

Learning about a manual handling course is a good thing. However, what you need to realize is these courses are often required by law and it is important to have them to be in compliance with the law. At the same time, though, you need to make sure the courses are being done in a way that they are going to keep the employees safe and educated on how to properly handle any type of manual work.

Commercial Shade Sails | Cool Solutions Shade Sails

Benefits of Shade Sails Perth

Shade sails can easily transform your outdoor and indoor space by working with the existing décor to enhance the look. This is one of the reasons why you will find designers loving it since it will bring in a lot of benefits. Regardless of the current environment, you are in looks like, choosing to use a shade sail can go a long way in helping you change a simple outdoor into something that catches the eye. Shade sails have a simple but stylish appearance that will compliment a wide range of architectural approaches.


There are many benefits you can expect to get from shade sails, whether it is in a commercial or residential establishment.

Outdoor and indoor sails will help in filtering harmful UV rays from the sun. This will prevent the rays from damaging your skin, which is the number one cause of skin cancer and sunburns. The sails are able to do this by using carefully selected materials that have great fabric strength that will prevent the rays from penetrating. Some of the materials include Coolaroo Commercial 95, Monotec 370 series, Comtex, and Sunbrella.

Shade sails reduce solar gain and this is good because it will lower the costs of air conditioning. The solar gain which is also referred to as solar heat gain is an increase in temperature inside a space or structure as a result of solar radiation. The solar gain will increase with an increase in sunlight strength. Shade sails can help because they are able to resist solar radiation. Many of the materials that are most used are usually those that have a value towards 0%. This means that the solar radiation transmittance is negligible.


Cap parks, patios, or pool shades that have shade sails covering them capture attention because of their inviting environment. When the shade sails are used in commercial and retail areas, they will help create an experience that will increase traffic and this results in higher sales.

People are not the only ones who will benefit from shade sails, plants, furniture, and other equipment under the sails get to benefit too. Your furniture will not fade or peel while the plants will remain healthy and vibrant.

Shade Sail Perth | Cool Solutions Shade SailsOutdoor Shade Sails

The shade sails are usually designed to withstand the elements when they are to be used outdoors. They are both heat resistant and water repellent, and this makes it the perfect choice for pools and patios. When choosing the right shade sails, you will need to put into considerations the aesthetic aspect because the commercial set up or your home has an existing theme that you want the shade to easily blend into. This will include the color, shape, and any decorations on the shade sail.


Sail Canopies 

Shade canopies are a type of shade sails that have been designed to include form and style into their function. The material used in this type of shade is flexible and usually hooked on many anchor points. They are the perfect choice for the outdoor because of the UV inhibitors that have been incorporated into the fabrics. If you want a more permanent sails canopy, then you should consider using stainless steel turnbuckles in fixing the sails because they allow more tension. You can also opt for the pulley system.


Waterproof Canopies

They are also outdoor and can stand heavy wear and tear. The materials used to make them are water resistant and water repellant. For areas that experience light rain climates, the water-resistant fabrics are great. For areas that experience a lot of precipitation, water repellent fabrics are the better choice. Waterproof shade sails will prove to be the perfect choice for an area experiencing constant rainfall for an entire season.


Bespoke Designed Sails

There is a wide range of options when it comes to the material, shape, design, size, and color, but it will mainly depend on the area you want the shade sails to be installed. Whether you are interested in shading the outdoor or conservatory, going with bespoke design sails will provide you with what you are looking for. This is because they are designed to fit your requirements and needs.


Going with a customized sails means you will be taking care of both the functionality and the aesthetics. Professional designers will be able to visualize and understand the ultimate product before the process starts. They are usually manufactured using computer-aided design which will ensure that there are minimal deviations from the final product.

There is a lot that needs to be factored in when it comes to choosing the right designers for shade sails. You will need to put into considerations their experience, knowledge, and familiarity with the latest trends so you have the chance to get the best possible look and maximizing the benefits of shade sails



You can always contact your local shade sails Perth experts to give you an idea of how installing shade sails can benefit you bigtime!

What Colour Area Rug Complements A Red Couch

Do you have a red couch in your living room? There’s no doubt that is one of the best ways to make a huge statement and first impression whenever people walk into your house.

However, you need the best area rug to pull off a great look. Here are some of the best ideas to consider when choosing the best area rug for your red couch.

A Persian Rug 

If you have a red traditional couch, you can’t go wrong by choosing a Persian area rug. 

These are perfect because they come in multiple colours and can easily blend with any colour for your couch. 

Here are some useful tips to help you find the best Persian rug to match with your red couch. 

The Knot Count – Traditional Persian carpets are usually handwoven on a loom so you need to check the knot count before buying one. 

The best Persian rug will have at least 120 knots per square inch. When buying, you should flip over the rug and look at the knots on the other side.

A handwoven one will have few and bigger knots while a machine-woven one will have knot uniformity. 

The Material – Persian rugs are made out of silk, wool or a wool-silk blend. The silk ones have a shiny finish and a fine texture. 

The texture of wool Persian rugs depends mostly on the climate, the breed of sheep and the time of sheering. 

Note that, the woollen and silk Persian rugs are flame-resistant while the wool-silk blend is a synthetic material that is completely flammable. 

The Colour – Traditional Persian rugs are usually made from natural dyes so if you want one to match your red couch, you should look for natural colours. 

Just remember that synthetic dyes will penetrate the fibre evenly while the natural dyes will simply coat the surface. 

Bend the carpet and try isolating a few threads. If there is a subtle unevenness, then you will be dealing with natural colours. 

The Cost – The prices will vary depending on the geometric and floral patterns you will find. Therefore, you need to set a budget before you go shopping for a Persian rug. 

Silk rugs are always more expensive since the material is harder to obtain and has a higher knot count. On the other hand, wool is readily available so woollen Persian rugs are affordable. 

The Patterns – They will differ greatly depending on what area the Persian rugs are from. You might find floral, geometric, traditional, paisley or tribal patterns. 

Therefore, look through the various patterns and choose the perfect match for your red couch. 

Take all these factors into account when shopping for a Persian rug and get the best one to match the rest of your décor in your living room, including your red couch.

Other Area Rugs 

These are usually manufactured from different materials such as cotton, nylon or polyester. Therefore, take the time to find the best material to match your preferences. 

Of course, when choosing these area rugs, you need to opt for a neutral colour such as black, grey or white to match your red couch. 

Certainly, you don’t want your entire living room having a screaming red colour.

When looking for the best area rugs, you need to consider a few things such as the size, the texture, maintenance options, rug style profile, vintage or new styles and where to shop for it. 

You need to do your research to make sure you find the right area rug to match your red couch. 

In conclusion, your living room should always make a good first impression for everyone who walks in. Therefore, you need area rugs that stand out. 

If you have a red couch, a Persian rug or other area rugs mentioned above should be the best choices for you. Check out The Rug Lady for your awesome rug choices!


EMC Compliance | EMC Bayswater

The Basics of EMC

If you are interested in the design or development of electronic appliances, then it is important to understand basic EMC regulations and testing. EMC and EMI are two terms that crop up a lot in the world of electronics – both consumer goods and components. They are closely related, but not as interchangeable as some usages may suggest.

EMC stands for Electromagnetic Interference, and EMI stands for Electromagnetic Compatibility. They are both important terms, and they refer to the regulatory testing that all consumer electronics sold in the United States must undergo. Here, we will discuss the differences between EMI and EMC and also look at the requirements for each set of tests.

What are EMI and EMC

Electronic devices will always generate some electromagnetic radiation. We have a perception of electronics as being a form of a self-contained system – but while electrical energy travels along wires, it is not a completely effective way of transmitting energy. Some energy does escape into the air and into other wires, as electromagnetic interference or disturbance voltage. It is important that when new devices are made, the EMC and EMI fits within the required specifications because an appliance that puts out too much interference could prevent essential devices from working properly and an appliance which cannot cope with a reasonable amount of interference could lose data or malfunction at an inopportune time.

Some appliances do put out more interference than others. High-powered motors, for example, put out a lot of interference. Cell phones can also produce a lot of interference – something that you may hear from time to time as a buzzing or whine when an older phone is being used near a TV, for example. In addition, there are some devices that you might not expect to cause interference, such as LED-based screens.

Electronic devices rarely get used in isolation, so essential devices should be made to withstand a decent amount of EMI. Things such as avoinics or medical equipment, in particular, must be able to cope with EMI.

A devices EMC rating is a measure of how well it can cope with interference. EMC can be tested with specialist equipment, and these tests are a good indicator of how a device would operate under real-world conditions.

Monitoring and Measuring EMC

When an appliance is being developed it should be tested for both EMI and EMC. Emissions can be tested using antennas, spectrum analyzers, and amplifiers. These can be used in an open test area, or in a shielded chamber, depending on the precision of the testing required and the nature of the device.

Electronic devices must tolerate interference but also submit to it in certain circumstances. There is a range of equipment which can be used to generate noise on different frequencies, in order to simulate real-world interference. It is important that the testing that is performed matches the type of device and the application for which the device is intended.

Regulations Regarding EMC Testing

Military devices are tested according to the MIL-STD 461 and another standard, MIL-STD 464. These specify the environmental and EMC requirements for appliances, subsystems, and components. Military-grade components are held to a much higher standard for both interference resistance and output than other components would be.

Consumer appliances and other devices are tested to FCC Part 15, which restricts the amount of unlicensed RF interference that such devices can put out. These regulations exist, in part, to ensure that consumer-grade appliances do not interfere with critical electronics in places such as hospitals or airports where proper functioning of electronics is vital.

In other countries, there are standards set by organisations such as ISO, IEC, and CISPR. These define similar limits for EMI and EMC. Not all markets have made the standards mandatory, however, so it is important to confirm whether parts or appliances are compliant before purchasing them or using them in your own devices.

If you are making or designing an appliance, then make EMC testing a part of your processes from as early on in the system as possible. Precompliance testing can save a lot of time and stress by helping to ensure that your appliance or component is in compliance with the regulations.

Rugs Online

What Are The Advantages of Buying Rugs with Afterpay

Launched in 2014 with the intention of making payment flexible and simple, Afterpay is now a popular payment method for online shoppers, including our customers. As a payment method, Afterpay is essentially a buy-now-pay-later service that allows you to buy indulge today and pay tomorrow. The services allows you to purchase and use the item you need, which in the case of The Rug Lady is one of our high-quality rugs, get the item and use it, and pay in instalments.

The payment structure is simple; customers pay for their items in 4 equal fortnightly instalments. Importantly, unlike credit cards, customers are not charged any interest, monthly fee, or an establishment fee.

This innovative payment system/solution has garnered Afterpay praise and rewards, including the 2017’s FinTech Organisation of the year. It also increasing in popularity, which begs the question, what benefits does Afterpay payment solution accord consumers. Herein we will explore some of the benefits of the payment solution.

#1. You Get Your Item Immediately

One of the main benefits of Afterpay payment solution is you receive your rug when you order. You do not have to worry about waiting for an extended period to save money to purchase and use your rug. Instead, you can use Afterpay to get your favourite rug and the pay later in four instalments. This allows you to take advantage of our limited time-offers that we have on our website.

#2. No Interests And Fees Charged

Unlike credit cards, you do not have to pay a hefty interests on your purchases. In the same light, unlike loans, you do not have to pay application fees that typical loans attract that make your purchases quite expensive. This means that you only have to bear the cost of your rug only. As such, Afterpay is a cost-effective means of financing your purchases.

#3. It Is Easy To Setup Afterpay

Setting up Afterpay for use is a simple and straightforward process. It does not entail a lengthy application process that takes up a lot of your time, as is the case with applying for a loan. All you need is to be 18 years and above, your email address, your phone number, a Mastercard or Visa debit or credit card and your address to sign up.

#4. Seamless Payment Experience

Importantly, once you have signed up, there is no need to sign up again with any of your subsequent purchases. All you need to do is sign in your account and authorise the payment and you receive your rug. Afterpay will thereafter automatically charge you four equal payments after every two weeks.

#5. You Can Use It Online And In-Store

Another benefit that Afterpay has is its payment flexibility. You can use in-stores as well as online. This feature allows you to use Afterpay to make your rug purchase from our online store with just as you would when using your credit or debit card.

#6. Normal Return Processes Apply

You need not worry about adding Afterpay to the mix when you need a refund. You can make a return in accordance with our refund policy unimpeded when you purchase using Afterpay. Afterpay is only a payment solution and, therefore, does not affect the return process.

AfterPayGenerally speaking, Afterpay is an attractive payment solution that allows you to purchase rugs under flexible and simple terms of purchase. In many regards, it is a far better solution than credit cards. Using the Afterpay payment solution, grab one of our high-quality rugs at unbeatable prices. With the staggered payment method, you can get your dream rug and pay for over time. Do not wait.

Dentist Chatswood | Simply Dental Chatswood

Choosing Dentist Chatswood- Important Considerations

When it comes to choosing dentist Chatswood, there are a number of considerations to keep in mind. With a bit of research along with knowing what type of questions you should be asking, it becomes an easy task to choose a dentist you can trust that can provide dental care to you along with your family.

• Registration

Every dentist, dental therapist, dental hygienist, dental nurse and the dental technicians are required to register with the GDC (General Dental Council) before they are allowed to work legally in the UK. The GDC website can give you information on the dentists that are registered in Chatswood along with their specific qualifications. The GDC offers a checklist on the type of standards you should expect from a dentist.

Over and above the requirement of each dental professional being registered, the actual practice should also have a registration with the CQC (Care Quality Commission). The CQC is one of the independent regulators for social and health care services across the UK that can offer guidance and advice along with up to date inspection reports that can assist you in choosing dentist Chatswood.

• Training And Qualifications

All the dentists in the UK have to complete 5 undergraduate training years and also hold a Bachelor of Dental Surgery, using the letters “BChD” or “BDS” after their name and surname. The dental clinicians are also required to attend training regularly to ensure the techniques and skills they are using are up-to-date. If you are looking for a new dental practice, look out for evidence of additional qualifications and skills in other specialist areas. This can include specific types of cosmetic dentistry or how to care for anxious patients.

• About The Dental Practice And The Team

When choosing dentist Chatswood, the practice itself must be well-organised, tidy, hygienic and clean. The practice staff should also be helpful, friendly, polite and welcoming. The dentist you have chosen must be approachable, sympathetic, professional and most importantly patient with all his or her patients. You should immediately feel comfortable enough to ask the dentist about any concerns or questions you might have.

The better dental practices are transparent when it comes to their fees and pricing. A dental payment plan may be something that is important to assist you in budgeting and planning for the dental treatments that you require.

• Convenient Location And Hours

Finding one of the dental practices that are conveniently situated from your work or home, provides an easier way to attend your regular check-ups and will also assist you in arriving on time for your appointments. It may be important to you to find a practice that offers either late or lunchtime appointments if you have a full-time job. Many of the practices also accommodate a family booking, which means all your family members can be seen in one appointment.

• Dental Services On Offer

Today most of the dental practices provide a variety of services over and above the general dental care. There are many cosmetic treatments now available and it becomes important that choosing dentist Chatswood offers you with a range of treatments that can assist you in achieving a healthy smile and mouth. Make sure you check on the website of the dental practice you have chosen to ensure they offer informative and clear information in the site and that they are eager to bring in new patients.

Another important aspect to keep in mind before you decide on a dentist is whether they offer emergency dentistry. The dental emergencies are bound to occur from time to time, which is why you should know about the emergency dental service on offer from the practice. Make sure you know whether the emergency services are offered on weekends or evenings, or only in the normal practicing hours.

Once you have conducted your own research about the dental practices in Chatswood, it is also helpful to ask people in your community or to check on the experiences of other patients at a dental practice that you are interested in. Most of the patients will choose a dentist that they will use for many years to come, so it becomes important to choose the right dentist that will make you feel comfortable along with providing the very best dental care for your mouth and teeth.


Paper Bags | Pinpak

Advantages of Paper Carry Bags

Plastic wrap has often been the go-to packaging option for businesses. However, this isn’t the case any longer. In fact, paper bags have continued to be a popular solution and have been around since 1852. This has a lot to do with the advantages they offer such as durability, cost-efficiency, and eco-friendliness.


In the 18th century, paper carry bags were still developing and didn’t look as they do nowadays. In fact, the modern-day design is box-shaped and far more upright in its build. This makes it easier to handle while being safer too. Children are also going to be safe since the paper bag cannot suffocate them as easily as a plastic bag.


In the 21st century, paper carry bags have become more of a luxury option and something the “upper class” might use. This has to do with the amount of time it takes to produce. This is why companies use paper bags for promotional events more than anything else.


However, paper carry bags do offer a good amount of advantages. They are reusable, easy to take care of, and biodegradable. This is because they are constructed from a renewable source and can be reused again. This ensures it takes less time to produce them after they’re recycled making things eco-friendly.

Here are the uses for paper carry bags.



Paper bag packaging can be useful when it comes to handling freshly ground coffee. This has to do with retaining the freshness of the product and ensuring it is as delicious as it is supposed to be in the long-run. This is also a great way to customize the packaging as a selling point for the business. A lot of businesses like to put these bags out near a window or on a display for incoming consumers to see. It can make it easier to sell.


In addition, consumers find it easier to take the coffee blends and hold them in the bags without dealing with wasted resources. This is a good way to maintain the freshness of a solution such as this. They can open or close them with ease.


Tea Leaves

Paper bag packaging is also ideal for fresh tea leaves. Tea lovers often talk about how their tea leaves don’t last or are not as tasteful as they might have been when purchased. This is where a paper bag can help keep the tea leaves safe. The bags are designed to manage such leaves and come in a range of sizes for businesses to work with. This can help a brand blossom into a potent company because of its packaging.


In addition, the packaging is great when it comes to being eco-friendly. It is going to ensure the company has a unique selling point along with the great tea leaves.


Snack Foods & Nuts

Businesses looking for a particular type of paper carry bag or a specific size will know it’s available here. For storing snack foods or nuts, it’s possible to offer these paper bags and make it simpler to store them safely.


Businesses can ensure the paper bags are customized and retain the food’s flavor. In many cases, the biggest worry with snacks and nuts has to do with the lack of freshness over time. It shouldn’t be this way and that is where a paper bag wins out. The paper bags are specially designed to maximize the flavor. In fact, the paper bags will have a small window that can be used to see what is inside without opening it up.


This makes it ideal for those who want to package candy, cookies, or other goods. The flavor and aroma are going to be retained. This is also a great solution for brands that want to set the tone with a biodegradable package that has their name on it.



One of the primary uses that are often underrated with paper carry bags would be storing flour, spices, sugar, and salt. These are items that can often be found in regular containers and those are difficult to manage. Instead, it’s easier to put them in a paper bag and know the flavor is going to be retained. Paper carry bags are ideal for handling spices and making sure they are the same as when they were purchased.  Businesses can look at putting their paper bags out and branding them to make it an additional marketing opportunity. These bags are going to be kept out in the kitchen and that is a great way to market the business on a daily basis.


These are the uses and advantages of high-quality paper carry bags. Those who want something efficient, eco-friendly, and safe will need to look at this packaging.



Source: Courtesy of Pinpak, Australia



Small Business Loan | Loan One

7 Steps To Successfully Obtaining A Business Loan

Although it isn’t as easy to borrow money as it was prior to the Great Recession, lenders and banks still have a need to provide small businesses with loans.  The key to obtaining a business loan is knowing how to go about it and getting the best terms.

The following is an easy 7 step process you can use to successfully get a business loan:


Step 1: Get started before you need the loan.

It is essential for you to build a good relationship with your lender before your business needs a loan.  Allow the key contacts at the lender time to get to know you and your company before you ask them for anything.  Keep in mind, people tend to do business with people they know, trust and like. Lenders work in the exact same way.    


Step 2: Determine what you need the money for.  

There are both bad and good reasons for obtaining business loans.  Some of the good reasons include financing big seasonal sale variances, long-term software development, real estate, and equipment needed for your business.  Sone of the bad reasons includes financing to acquire non-essential business assets, office build-outs and to cover ongoing losses.


Step 3: Determine the amount of money that is needed by your company.  

Many small businesses fail to ask for a big enough loan.  When you underestimate the amount of money that you need it can result in problems with having an insufficient amount of working capital earlier than what you had anticipated.  If you overestimate, lenders may question your credibility and assumptions as a business owner. When you have a budget that is well thought out and has financial projects to support it (cash flow statement and profit & loss statement), it shows that research was conducted and that the budget is reasonable.      

Step 4: Know what your score is.  

Personal credit scores are still looked at by lenders as a way to judge how reliable the principals are who are wanting to borrow money.  It is very important to be knowledgeable about what lenders are looking for and how your score lines up with their expectations.

Credit score: A 650-700 credit score is considered to be acceptable.  However, it doesn’t guarantee you will be approved for a loan. A majority of lenders are looking for credit scores that are 700-800 at least.  

Debt to income: Your personal debt payments should be less than 33% of your gross monthly income.

Length of time in business: Term loans and unsecured working capital lines are given by lenders to businesses that have a reliable incoming accounts receivables records and that have been operating for more than 2 years.   

Industry risk report: Ratings for industry risk are based on government SIC codes, which each have a rank. You need to find out how your industry is rated for risk.  

Cash flow report: The higher your operating cash margin is, the greater chance your business will have to be able to survive any slow market conditions and also ensure long-term growth and survival.  Ultimately, a majority of lenders give money to a company based on its cash flow, since that measures the ability to repay the loan successfully.


Step 5: Find your lender.  

Do some research on the kind of lender that will fit the best for the type of loan needs your business has.

Commercial banks: These are usually the best option for traditional loans where you meet the strict parameters that we have been discussing.

Non-bank lenders: There is a record increased number of these lenders for those wanting higher returns.  You can use a website like Fundera for assistance.

Region-specific lenders: These are lenders such as local community banks with an interest in a certain industry or geography area’s economic development.

Alternative and micro lenders: There are crowdfunding websites such as IndieGoGo and Kickstarter that might be helpful for raising less than $10,000 for capital needs.  Peer to peer websites such as The Lending Club and Prosper can be a good source for personal loans.


Step 6: Get your loan application package prepared.  

This is the paperwork that needs to be submitted to apply for a business loan.  It usually includes the following:

A business plan including the resumes of the business owners.

Financial projections and results (Cash Flow, Balance Sheet, and Profit & Loss statements).

Personal financial information, which included tax returns for three years.  Keep in mind that lenders search the personal social media websites of the business owners as part of their overall research.


Step 7: Wait.  

You can expect to receive a decision in two to four weeks.  Each week you can check your status. Your lending institution might need additional documentation from you.

Family Photography | Joseph Byford Photography

Great Family Photography: Tips And Tricks For Fantastic Pictures

Taking photos can be more than just a hobby, it is a great career choice for those who are interested in growing their photo opportunities. For many of them, family photography is one of the most fun and exciting types of pictures to take because of the happy, joyous feelings associated with the subjects. Being able to capture their love in timeless photos feels great.


There are many different themes to use within family photography, depending on the time of year, a composition of the family and personalities of the participants. One sick member or playful youngster can definitely make for some unique situations. Every day is a new adventure when working with families.


If you want to hone your skills in these varied and unpredictable photo shoots, start using these tips:


Prioritize Excellent Communication

All relationships require excellent communication, including between family photography clients and photographers. Before the shoot, it is important to get to know each other to plan well. This will help in creating a successful photography session and bringing the final images together for ultimate client satisfaction. This one tip can ease a lot of tension you might be taking with you now.


Location, Location, Location

Not just for real estate, location is a vital aspect of creating an atmosphere reflective of the family. Make a list of public places, including a note about needed permissions or permits, that you can recommend to clients. Create a variety of opportunities for family photography clients to stand out in your field.


Props And Accessories

Know what props and accessories are necessary for everyone to have a positive experience. You might want to provide portable seating for the elderly family members while parents can allow their youngster to bring a beloved stuffed animal or toy. In addition to ensuring everyone is comfortable, personal belongings can help to frame the time even better!

Be Prepared For Large Families

It can be a challenge taking photos of large groups while maintaining crisp facial images. Use a narrow aperture (compensating ISO and shutter speed), have the family scoot together and snap a lot of pics. You are sure to find plenty where at least one person has their eyes closed, is distracted or unknowingly has a pair of rabbit ears.


Make Sure You Have These Gear Essentials

Professional family photography requires the appropriate gear and expertise in use. Always take a tripod, DSLR, and a backup camera. Pack several lenses so you are prepared for close-ups and larger group pictures than you expected.


Choose Flattering Poses

The wrong poses can be disastrous, which is why you need to understand the best ways to pose various family groups. In a multi-generation photo, the eldest family members are usually set in the center. Add dimension to the photos by staggering the heads and people to ensure that nobody’s face is hidden. Snap the images just above their eye level to stop the inevitable double chins that can ruin a whole group of pictures.


Lighting Matters

Take outdoor photos when the sun is not directly overhead, and avoid direct overhead indoor light as well. Complement natural lighting with reflectors and flashes if necessary to bring out the best in your subjects.


Catch The Magic

Family photography shoots should capture the special moments that make each family unique. In addition to action shots, you should try to get the clients to relax so you can capture the love and ease they have with each other. Tell jokes, or have someone who isn’t in that particular picture tell one. Pay attention to the group and to detail.


Natural Children

Forcing kids to sit with perfect posture with the rest of the clan will only make them irritable, restless and generally unhappy subjects. While you might be able to get some of these, later on, you will fare much better in the beginning by letting children be themselves. Bubbles are fun and inexpensive, while a game of peek-a-boo doesn’t cost a cent!


Follow Your Instincts

The most important thing for successful family photography is growing your skill by learning to follow your instincts. Encourage your clients to have fun, and include yourself in the joy. As an extension of yourself, the camera can be skillfully integrated into these laid-back photo shoots. You will be pleasantly surprised at what a difference this can make!

Wash trough | Britex

Comprehensive Buyer’s Guide To Sinks, Wash Troughs And Basins

Are you in search of a new sink? If so, you are in the right place. We have compiled this comprehensive guide to sinks, basins and wash troughs for you.

We will be covering various accessories and materials, in addition to different kinds of sinks that are available in today’s market.

Whether it is for janitorial, specialized or handwashing purposes, you will find relevant information here in our guide.



Although sinks come in a number of different colors, sizes, and shapes, there are just three major materials that they are made from vitreous china, solid surface, and stainless steel.


Stainless Steel

This is a very strong material, which makes it resistant to vandalism and long-lasting. Although stainless steel is a metal, it is resistant to rust, due to it having a thin chromium oxide surface layer.

Stainless steel is excellent for industrial applications. However, many individuals are put off by their appearance, and describe it as being ‘prison-like’ or ‘clinical.’ However, there are stainless steel wash troughs that are available in various colors that can blend in with any facility or home decor.


Solid surface

This is a man-made material that is comprised of naturally occurring pigments and minerals that are suspended within a resinous binding agent. The material looks like stone but also can be formed into numerous different shapes.

The versatility, in addition to its anti-fungal and water-resistant properties, makes it perfect to use for wash troughs. Sleek, modern designs in a wide array of colors can also be made using solid surface


Vitreous China

This material is a very tough specially coated ceramic that has a glassy finish. Numerous individuals mistakenly think that porcelain and vitreous china are two separate materials.

Actually, vitreous china is a porcelain treated with enamel coating. The classic material is attractive and durable – although unlike stainless steel and solid surface. It is prone to chipping and cracks.


Handwash Sinks

There are two major handwash sink options: wash troughs and individual basis. They each have advantages and disadvantages, which we will discuss below.



Handwashing basins may be made out of vitreous china or stainless steel. They are well-suited for smaller facilities that have low levels of traffic since only one user can be accommodated at a time. Corner washbasins are also available for washrooms that have a limited amount of space.


Wash Troughs

These are basically communal sinks that accommodate several users at once. They can be made out of stainless steel or a solid surface material. Since wash troughs are larger, it is impractical to use vitreous china to make them out of.

Wash troughs are well–suited for larger facilities with high amounts of traffic.


Utility Sinks

This type of sink is designed to make things easier for janitors and cleaners. Utility sinks are often made out of stainless steel. They can be used to wash equipment and are ideal for professional kitchens, factories, and hospitals.


Specialist sinks

These sinks are designed to perform specific tasks. For example, laboratory sinks are used to clean lab equipment. They are more resistant than ordinary sinks to spills from corrosive substances such as acids.

The purpose of a dental sink is to dispose of biological waste and must conform to stringent industry standards. Hosptial sinks are for preparing plaster used in casts and for washing appliances.

The purpose of a specialist hairdresser sink is to washing customers’ hair. They may be equipped with a handheld hose and have an ergonomically contoured edge.



Purchasing a sink is all well and good. However, unless you have taps to fill the sink you are not going to get very far. There are many different types taps that are available for sinks, including the following:

– Child-Friendly Taps
– Infra-Red Taps
– Time Flow Taps
– Wall Mounted Bib Taps
– Cross Head Taps
– Lever Taps



As you can see, there are many different types of sinks, wash troughs and basins that you can purchase. They are available in many different designs, sizes, materials, and colors.  They may be used for a wide range of purposes and venues. It is important to consider what your specific needs are before purchasing a sink to ensure it meets all of your needs.