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What Are The Advantages of Buying Rugs with Afterpay

Launched in 2014 with the intention of making payment flexible and simple, Afterpay is now a popular payment method for online shoppers, including our customers. As a payment method, Afterpay is essentially a buy-now-pay-later service that allows you to buy indulge today and pay tomorrow. The services allows you to purchase and use the item you need, which in the case of The Rug Lady is one of our high-quality rugs, get the item and use it, and pay in instalments.

The payment structure is simple; customers pay for their items in 4 equal fortnightly instalments. Importantly, unlike credit cards, customers are not charged any interest, monthly fee, or an establishment fee.

This innovative payment system/solution has garnered Afterpay praise and rewards, including the 2017’s FinTech Organisation of the year. It also increasing in popularity, which begs the question, what benefits does Afterpay payment solution accord consumers. Herein we will explore some of the benefits of the payment solution.

#1. You Get Your Item Immediately

One of the main benefits of Afterpay payment solution is you receive your rug when you order. You do not have to worry about waiting for an extended period to save money to purchase and use your rug. Instead, you can use Afterpay to get your favourite rug and the pay later in four instalments. This allows you to take advantage of our limited time-offers that we have on our website.

#2. No Interests And Fees Charged

Unlike credit cards, you do not have to pay a hefty interests on your purchases. In the same light, unlike loans, you do not have to pay application fees that typical loans attract that make your purchases quite expensive. This means that you only have to bear the cost of your rug only. As such, Afterpay is a cost-effective means of financing your purchases.

#3. It Is Easy To Setup Afterpay

Setting up Afterpay for use is a simple and straightforward process. It does not entail a lengthy application process that takes up a lot of your time, as is the case with applying for a loan. All you need is to be 18 years and above, your email address, your phone number, a Mastercard or Visa debit or credit card and your address to sign up.

#4. Seamless Payment Experience

Importantly, once you have signed up, there is no need to sign up again with any of your subsequent purchases. All you need to do is sign in your account and authorise the payment and you receive your rug. Afterpay will thereafter automatically charge you four equal payments after every two weeks.

#5. You Can Use It Online And In-Store

Another benefit that Afterpay has is its payment flexibility. You can use in-stores as well as online. This feature allows you to use Afterpay to make your rug purchase from our online store with just as you would when using your credit or debit card.

#6. Normal Return Processes Apply

You need not worry about adding Afterpay to the mix when you need a refund. You can make a return in accordance with our refund policy unimpeded when you purchase using Afterpay. Afterpay is only a payment solution and, therefore, does not affect the return process.

AfterPayGenerally speaking, Afterpay is an attractive payment solution that allows you to purchase rugs under flexible and simple terms of purchase. In many regards, it is a far better solution than credit cards. Using the Afterpay payment solution, grab one of our high-quality rugs at unbeatable prices. With the staggered payment method, you can get your dream rug and pay for over time. Do not wait.