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The Top Modern Wall Painting Trends of 2016

Bedroom Wall Art

Any interior decorator knows that nothing changes the visual quality of a room more than the paint on its walls. Different types of paint treatment can impart wildly different aesthetic effects, taking a room from cozy seaside cottage to chic penthouse apartment in no time. It is also one of the most affordable ways to try a new style of decoration, as it requires little more than a few cans of paint and a roller. For those who are looking to experiment with different modern wall painting techniques, here are the styles that are ruling the roost in 2016.

  1. Bold Patterns
    Say goodbye to grandmotherly pinstripes or fussy florals; these days, it’s all about bringing the drama. Bold patterns in eye-catching, contrasting colors are a great way to add a dash of unexpected visual flair to a room, without breaking the bank on expensive designer furniture.Think a room-wide chevron pattern in tangerine and white or plate sized polka dots on a turquoise background. Fun patterns are a great way to brighten the room and add a touch of delight to a child’s bedroom. Painted on patterns can also be used to suggest architectural features; think painted on wall panels, done in a slightly darker shade of the background color.

  2. Glazing and Other Textures
    Modern advances in wall paint have made it so that you can do more than changing the color of your walls: you can change the texture as well! Glazing is a technique that produces a ceramic like shiny surface, which is surprisingly sophisticated and very pretty. A stucco like texture can also be applied, producing a sun shaded Spanish villa effect. You can even mix it up a little; do one wall in a textured treatment, and leave the rest normal. The possibilities are endless!

  3. Dark Colors
    The traditional advice has always been to avoid dark colors, as they can make a room look smaller. But they can also lend rooms that already have an airier design a polished, mature air of sophistication. Try a dressy olive green, or a dramatic silky charcoal for a pulled together but not so Dracula vibe.

With modern paint treatments, it’s possible to do more than influence the look of the room. By changing its textures and architectural appearance, any homeowner can give a room an entirely fresh feel, anytime they want to.

Painting On Canvas

Painting Materials

Canvas is a woven fabric that is used for sails, backpacks, awnings and a number of other noteworthy items, but it is also the mainstay for use as an excellent surface for oil and acrylic painting.

If you are a beginning painter, it would be a bit intimidating if you didn’t have some knowledge about how to get started painting on canvas, so here goes”

Where ever you purchase your canvas, be sure and unwrap it, because the number one mistake beginners make is that they fail to unwrap the cellophane from around their canvas. Yes, it is true!

Secondly, you should stretch the canvas so that it becomes tight and smooth, making each inch of the surface of the canvas as smooth as everywhere else. This is done on a stretching frame and they can be easily purchased at your favorite art store.

Once your canvas is stretched, the next step is also one that many beginners skip, simply because they are not aware that it exists. If you have taken any art classes in painting, you will know about this.

Pre-paint a wash or a primer coat of the medium of paint that you are going to use on the canvas, and let it dry. The color should be anything but white, as you can let the color of the wash show through, to accentuate the theme and overall colors of your painting. This wash or background is called a “toned background” in some circles.

Good colors such as Burnt Umber, Raw Umber, or White + Yellow Ochre work for fall and Autumn scenes for example.

Your canvas when you buy it will almost always be white, so by giving it a base color from the beginning, you alter how things look and things take on a more “real life” feel because the only thing that is really white in nature is snow and ice.

For most budding artists, it is a good idea to start out our art career with oils, because you can mix your colors around, smash them and scrape them off the canvas if you don’t like how things look.

Watercolors dry too fast for beginners and acrylics form a film on top very quickly, as they are plastic based. With oils, you can make all kinds of initial setup scenes, called underpainting, to get the proportion and colors you like and paint over them when things dry. Perfect it is for beginners.

Canvas is a perfect surface for painting on, as it has been used for thousands of years, and many paintings have survived those years quite handily. Canvas is very sturdy, lightweight and can take the abuse that you might have to give it when changing your mind 45 times as to how a certain color looks.

Canvas will hold true as a surface if you have prepared everything properly, and if for some reason life changes your painting plans for a while, you can leave your work, and know that you can come back and pick up right where you left off, at any time in the future.

Modern Canvas Art And How It Looks

Modern Canvas Art

Are you into art and starting to look at what modern canvas art is all about? This is a unique topic because art is subjective and there is a lot of confusion about how it all works. Some artists are specific about what they are putting on paper while others are not as rigid.

They will let the themes flow because they want the mind to open for people and this is what canvas art is moving towards. They want you to use the image as a way to think about what you are viewing. This opens you up.


The goal is to not put too much into the paintings. You will often see one thing in the middle of the canvas and that is it. The message is there and you will see it, but the goal is not to put too much onto the canvas because this just gets in the way.

Instead, you want something that is minimalistic and that is what modern canvas art has come down to. It is able to portray that kind of message for you and all of the other viewers that are looking at it.

This is how the art is able to come to life.


The colors that you will get to see in the art will be bright and vibrant. This is done on purpose because the goal is to make sure it is vibrant and easy on the eyes. You won’t have to every wonder about how the look is. You will know it is going to pop out and you will know it is going to stand out.

Would you really want something that is not vibrant? This is what modern canvas art has moved towards. They want to give you this shocking new look that stands out from a mile away.

Size Variations

There are variations that are being put out now in terms of the size. You might have had a standard canvas in the past, but that is not what you will see now. You will get more now with smaller sizes and bigger sizes all being put in the same spot.

They want you to realize that size is nothing in art and that you can go with anything to convey the message that you want through the art.

You just have to try it out and look at it with an open heart.

Robust Themes

If you ever look at modern canvas art, you will start to see similarities between them and that is because of the trends that are coming around. One of them would be the use of robust themes to send clear messages about what the artist is going for.

These are themes that anyone could pick out and are right there clear as daylight. They are not going for the hidden message any longer and that is rare because robust themes are better for the look of the art.

Canvas art is always changing and there are so many things that make it all come together. if the art didn’t look like this, how would it appeal to those who are looking it? The art that is being made now has intention behind it and is not hidden behind a different image.

This is how they are able to earn the trust of those who are viewing what they have put together. This is art that is of the modern age and they have followed a pattern that is made to hit those standards. They make sure to meet them every time.

List of Visual Arts Design Styles

 Stock Photo: Colored Pencils

Individual Style

There are many different visual arts design styles, but one that stands out to most artists is the individual style. This is something that is more on a personal level and is unique to a person. Usually, this is built upon other designs and styles. But, artists add their very own touch to it so that it is more personalized. Most artists accidentally fall into this category as it is something that they do not plan to take part in. However, as they are building on their art they make changes that speak to them more.

Historical Presence

Another style that a lot of artists tend to love and go for is something that is more historical. This is a style that artists make reference to possibly from literature, works of art or even other paintings and designs that might have existed in the past. You can usually see the connecting points and how they make them more recent and a lot more stylish. Not only does this happen in visual designs, but you can also see this type of style evolve in fashion industries and the prints that are used in their clothes.

Concept Based

A lot of visual arts design styles come from concepts. They all speak a story on a subject and form. Their symbols are used to communicate that message or whatever it is that the artist wants the public or viewers to see. This is very common as it has a ton of spin offs to it. This is great for artists who want to give a little graphic message all the way to how historical figures would communicate and speak. This is something that has a span for many different purposes. It is used all around the world by several artists.

Faith Based

A lot of art design styles have also come from different faiths and religions. It is something that obviously has more value to it. This is taken a lot more seriously as it has to be done correctly and there is no room for error. You can view a lot of these styles in religious stores and religious sites. These are inspired by symbols that represent the faith and the essence of it. They usually require a lot of skill and knowledge behind them. Artists need to know about the faith in order to form an art on it in a respectful manner.

In conclusion, there are so many different visual arts design styles that you can take part in. Listed above are just a few of them, but there are many more of them as well. If you want to learn more about what these designs are, you can find more details about them online. There are several articles written on these styles and designs. You can also read more about this by visiting museums and art galleries. Doing this enables you to find inspiration and possibly find a style that speaks to you and you can do justice to as well.

Learning Visual Arts Standards

art, creativity and imagination

Visual arts are a form of art that is being studied all over the world. It has expanded into a career in the recent years. Visual arts are art forms that have many standards. Visual arts students or artists have to keep these standards in mind while working. It is very important that these standards are put into place. That way, the artwork will look more appealing to the viewers. These standards are basically sets of rules and guidelines that should be followed or adhered to all throughout the process. Ensuring that these standards are met makes no room for mistakes.

Rule of Thirds

One of the main rules that are part of visual arts standards is the rule of thirds. Basically, an artist needs to make sure that the entire image or visual that they are creating does not look too perfect. You need to leave some flaws. This way, it will look natural, yet still beautiful. Most artists tend to believe that a perfect visual is what they need to strive for. But that is actually not the case at all. An artist needs to work with a free hand. Observing this helps artists create something that does not look too unrealistic. It needs to come across natural and convincing to those who are going to be viewing it.

Simplicity is Complexity

Another visual arts standard that artists should keep in mind is never to try to be too creative to the extent that the painting or visual will look like a mess. You do not need to showcase all of your skill sets in one visual. Instead, pick a focal point and work from there. Try to keep the visual simple. That way, you do not take away the message or whatever it is that it represents. This is so important because it is very easy to get carried away. That is exactly what you need to avoid.

If you are someone who wants to learn more about visual arts standards, keep in mind that you can do so online. There are several visual art forums online that you can follow and join. You can also share your own thoughts and skills on the forums. You can even possibly meet other artists around your area. This is great way to network as well as learn new tips and standards that may be used around the world that you have not heard of. It is always beneficial to grow upon your skills as well, so that you can make better visuals.

A Growing Cause – Arts and Crafts

Arts and Crafts

Arts and crafts used to be something that is treated as a cottage home type of business. However, what people found out is that this is no longer a cottage industry. In fact, one of the largest industries in America and around the world is the arts and crafts industry, but people do not understand why until now. Read on and you will know why more and more people are turning to this potential income source.


Small time crafters who work in their home usually produce good quality items. While there might be good store bought quality items, the home industry craftsman’s work is done with pride, which shows in the pieces they create.

The Variety and Safety of Materials Used

Most of the time, the difference between homemade and store bought crafts lie in the materials used. While the materials are basically the same ones, the crafter will typically only use materials they know are safe. It is because they do not want to have anyone in their home getting sick from the materials. So they shy away from using anything that is heavily laden with chemicals or has something that can leach into their skin or system.

Customized Products

Most people do not realize that the good thing about home crafters is that they allow customized orders. These orders can be made according customers’ specifications. And of course, this naturally means that the products you have are unique with none like it in the world. As most people should have known by now, the arts and craft movement is starting to take massive strides as a growing trend. The problem is a lot of people do not know why the movement is growing. But it is a fact that it is definitely going to a whole new level that would surely keep home crafters employed for years to come.

What is a National Endowment for the Arts

Artist artists guitar player dancer painter singer

It is quite unfortunate to know that a lot of people working in the art world who do not quite make it turn out to become discouraged and worst yet become destitute. And quite often, these poor artists commonly end up suffering from poor health, malnutrition or worse yet, neglect. This is why the government has decided to step in and help the artists in the pursuit of their dreams by establishing the National Endowment for the Arts.

History of the National Endowment for the Arts

The endowment was established in 1965 by the US Congress. It was established as a Federal program, which means people from all over the nation can qualify for it. However, the qualifications which people have to meet, like what most Federal programs can be quite extensive. So people need to keep this in mind when they consider being part of the program.

Who can benefit from this program?

While most people will see that this is going to help artists to avoid them from starving, they need to realize that the program does quite more than help just the artists. In fact, this program is for helping people who are in the art world. This can range from the actors that people see on television who have made it big, as well as the small time radio producer who is still pursuing his dream of breaking into the bigger radio channels. These grants are also for organizations as well, which help provide a much stronger support network for the art world by shoring up the venues that people can use to express themselves on.

The people who benefit the most from the grants, though, are not just the artists. The people who watch the artists perform benefit much as well. The shows made and performed by artists for everyone, shows that range from kids television to National Geographic and other Nature shows.

When people are trying to get into the field of arts, movie, television or radio will often discover that it is a lot harder than what they imagined. Some may even find themselves quite impoverished at some point for trying yet constantly failing. Luckily enough, the government has long decided to address this issue by establishing the National Endowment for the Arts. This program has surely helped artists in getting noticed and has even helped in getting the word out about the programs they have created to help educate younger people.

Modern Canvas Art and What to Consider When Buying Them

Modern canvas art is one of the most beautiful and fast growing art. With a unique, high quality layout, it can fit different designs, amazing both on walls and in photos. Here are some modern canvas art characteristics.


Reflects Modern Culture

Modern art extends beyond today’s culture. New styles emerge from ideas originating from:

  • The internet
  • Comic strips
  • Road signs
  • Advertisement
  • News
  • Other informative Media

Presented in a natural context, most artists adopt complex and advanced styles by combining two or more diverse styles. This shows the world is moving fast, adapting to new canvas industry trends.

Reflects Emotions

Canvas has been used to reflect emotions since its industry inception. Art work depicted on the canvas depends on:

  • A designer’s emotions.
  • Subjects related to him.

Designers present their feelings in simple, understandable ways resulting into uniquely designed but simple canvases.

Attractive Colors

In this industry, primary colors yellow, blue and red are used to make art much more attractive. On the other hand, special colors can be used to present ideas and information. For instance:

  • Black canvas may be used in funerals;
  • To signify sadness.

Chosen colors depend on occasions and may have some deeper meaning.

Interesting Styles

Generally, canvas art has interesting expressions. Each style has its own characteristics you should consider when choosing a canvas. Do these:

  • Be careful when purchasing canvas for yourself.
  • Ensure you research properly before making purchases.

For Women

A standard bedroom needs these to look neat:

  • Two canvas pieces
  • Contemporary lamps
  • White bedding
  • Creamy walls
  • Dressers
  • Night stand
  • Mahogany poster bed

Women want rooms that were modernized but with traditional touches. Have a bit of bright color. Yellow or purple colored canvas art will be best.

For Living Rooms

Wall size determines what you should buy. In this case, purchase large enough canvases to hang on walls.


Before buying canvas, have an objective and consider:

  • Canvas color meaning;
  • How society perceives it;
  • Emotions most likely to elicit.

Get help from experts if you don’t know how to choose. Plan in advance to avoid inconveniences.

Trends in Contemporary Visual Art

Under ‘contemporary art,’ there are several variations so it’s essential to understand some of their key trends. Several artists are in this field where each one is valued for quality trends created. In recent years, there are currently seen trends that will remain as we move forward.



Here, simplicity is the name of the game. This trend moved away from colors and too much movement for the viewer’s eye to appreciate. Minimalist art is all about:

  • Reducing the amount of work in the art;
  • While providing a deeper message.

The message comes through simplicity rather than anything else.


This trend has a role of its own as it pinpoints what works and what does not. Depth can be seen through these:

  • Methods employed with the art;
  • Different levels present in the art itself.

Most modern art looks at the quality when depth is on display.


This has been seen with mixing and matching different aesthetic options to create art that’s:

  • Different
  • Vivacious

For most people, this uniqueness is hard to find. Hybridity has taken over as animals are mixed and matched with other objects.

Regularly, you’ll see these trends for a while in variations popping up from time to time. Look at these trends to either get inspired or to pinpoint where art is headed in the future. Trends are a great launching pad for artists who want to feel what’s out there before adding their twists and creating the next masterpiece. Begin with a bit of research.

Why You Should Go to Performing Arts Concerts

If you are looking for something to do, you should look into local performing arts concerts in your area. These are great events to go to, and you can find them almost everywhere. But, you will need some planning to make sure that you get tickets before they sell out.

New, Amazing Experience for the Whole Family

By taking your family to one of these performances, you will allow them to experience something great. They will be entertained and inspired. In some cases, it might encourage them want to be a part of something like that. It might make your kids want to try out for the school play or look into acting classes.

A Good Form of Family Bonding

You can plan a full night based around the performing arts concert. You can plan to go to dinner beforehand, make sure to get dressed up and have a great time watching everything together. You can also make a good date night out of it instead and enjoy that alone time with your significant other.

Check the schedule of the different concerts in your area. Decide on what do you want to see and buy tickets. Make sure to put it on your calendar so you would not forget. If you need to book a babysitter, make sure to do that ahead of time so that you won’t run into everyone being busy and cannot watch your kids.

Make sure you know the suitable age range of the performance if you are planning to take your children. Not all of them would be good for a young toddler or child that has trouble with staying still. Of course, you don’t want to spend the whole time outside of the performance trying to quiet your child.

Get to the theatre with enough time in order to obtain your desired seat and get comfortable. You don’t want to rush and not able to find your seat before everything starts. Leave yourself plenty of time to get there and get situated.

Once the performance starts, be quiet and turn off your cell phone. Pay attention to the entire play or performance and not to anything else. You are there to watch and to be entertained so get the most out of it.