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Comprehensive Buyer’s Guide To Sinks, Wash Troughs And Basins

Are you in search of a new sink? If so, you are in the right place. We have compiled this comprehensive guide to sinks, basins and wash troughs for you.

We will be covering various accessories and materials, in addition to different kinds of sinks that are available in today’s market.

Whether it is for janitorial, specialized or handwashing purposes, you will find relevant information here in our guide.



Although sinks come in a number of different colors, sizes, and shapes, there are just three major materials that they are made from vitreous china, solid surface, and stainless steel.


Stainless Steel

This is a very strong material, which makes it resistant to vandalism and long-lasting. Although stainless steel is a metal, it is resistant to rust, due to it having a thin chromium oxide surface layer.

Stainless steel is excellent for industrial applications. However, many individuals are put off by their appearance, and describe it as being ‘prison-like’ or ‘clinical.’ However, there are stainless steel wash troughs that are available in various colors that can blend in with any facility or home decor.


Solid surface

This is a man-made material that is comprised of naturally occurring pigments and minerals that are suspended within a resinous binding agent. The material looks like stone but also can be formed into numerous different shapes.

The versatility, in addition to its anti-fungal and water-resistant properties, makes it perfect to use for wash troughs. Sleek, modern designs in a wide array of colors can also be made using solid surface


Vitreous China

This material is a very tough specially coated ceramic that has a glassy finish. Numerous individuals mistakenly think that porcelain and vitreous china are two separate materials.

Actually, vitreous china is a porcelain treated with enamel coating. The classic material is attractive and durable – although unlike stainless steel and solid surface. It is prone to chipping and cracks.


Handwash Sinks

There are two major handwash sink options: wash troughs and individual basis. They each have advantages and disadvantages, which we will discuss below.



Handwashing basins may be made out of vitreous china or stainless steel. They are well-suited for smaller facilities that have low levels of traffic since only one user can be accommodated at a time. Corner washbasins are also available for washrooms that have a limited amount of space.


Wash Troughs

These are basically communal sinks that accommodate several users at once. They can be made out of stainless steel or a solid surface material. Since wash troughs are larger, it is impractical to use vitreous china to make them out of.

Wash troughs are well–suited for larger facilities with high amounts of traffic.


Utility Sinks

This type of sink is designed to make things easier for janitors and cleaners. Utility sinks are often made out of stainless steel. They can be used to wash equipment and are ideal for professional kitchens, factories, and hospitals.


Specialist sinks

These sinks are designed to perform specific tasks. For example, laboratory sinks are used to clean lab equipment. They are more resistant than ordinary sinks to spills from corrosive substances such as acids.

The purpose of a dental sink is to dispose of biological waste and must conform to stringent industry standards. Hosptial sinks are for preparing plaster used in casts and for washing appliances.

The purpose of a specialist hairdresser sink is to washing customers’ hair. They may be equipped with a handheld hose and have an ergonomically contoured edge.



Purchasing a sink is all well and good. However, unless you have taps to fill the sink you are not going to get very far. There are many different types taps that are available for sinks, including the following:

– Child-Friendly Taps
– Infra-Red Taps
– Time Flow Taps
– Wall Mounted Bib Taps
– Cross Head Taps
– Lever Taps



As you can see, there are many different types of sinks, wash troughs and basins that you can purchase. They are available in many different designs, sizes, materials, and colors.  They may be used for a wide range of purposes and venues. It is important to consider what your specific needs are before purchasing a sink to ensure it meets all of your needs.

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Things To Do Before Installing Synthetic Grass in Brisbane

They are best known as lawns of the future- artificial blades of grass of varying colours and hues, of different lengths and made with extra padding to make them ideal for lazing around and tush friendly picnics.

These synthetic turfs are no longer limited to indoor playing fields and sports arenas.

Just look over at your neighbour’s lawn, and you’ll find that they probably have one as well.

Such is the popularity of synthetic grass in both private and commercial settings that you need to take a closer look to tell whether that gorgeous,  immaculately green lawn is for real.

You have probably heard of people planting drought-adaptable flowers, trees and shrubs in order to reduce their trimming, cutting and watering, but synthetic grass?

However, judging from the suburban areas that have succumbed to this trend, along with some regions on the planet where the weather is dry and arid, synthetic grass is the in thing.


Synthetic Grass Brisbane | PS Lawns


If watering, trimming, seeding, fertilising, mowing your lawn and inhaling the fumes that the mower emits every time is taking a toll on you, then perhaps it’s time to consider synthetic grass in Brisbane.


Well, before you make your investment, you need to come up with a checklist of the things you want in your fake grass.


Color is an important consideration as artificial grass nowadays comes in varying shades of green and a few tan patches to make your lawn look as if it has some dead patches, all with the aim to make it appear as real as possible.

You may also want to consider the length of the grass blades if you want to have a natural look on your garden.

If you have children and pets, you may want to go with something springy and soft so that it does not heat up too much or tear easily.

The next step is to inquire about free samples if the supplier can accommodate it, and ask for warranties as well.

You should not settle for something that is below five years. Quality synthetic grass should last up to two decades before it starts showing any signs of wear and tear.

If you want to go the DIY route, you can ask the supplier if they provide a supply only service.

This is also an excellent time to take advantage of those online comparison websites and tools to be able to compare the prices so that you can get the best deal. When comparing the costs, ensure you compare prices by square meter and also ask about shipping or delivery costs as they can easily add to your costs.


These costs could vary dramatically depending on the exact location. It’s always wise to choose your fake grasses based on your budget, personal preferences and what you intend to use the lawn for.


When choosing the best synthetic grass Brisbane suppliers, ensure you take a look at their portfolio and visit any garden show or showroom they may have.

Ask about the experience of their installation team and ask to see photographs of their work.

Also ask about the infill they use on their fake grass as the best ones are usually made with rubber chips, sand and non-infill surfaces.

Ensure they give you a complete breakdown of the costs and go through the installation guide so that you know exactly how the job will be done.


Once your synthetic grass is installed, the final step is to check whether the seams of your garden are hidden from view and that they are consistent. You need to check closely to ensure they do not have any gaps and are flush against any borders.


If you see anything you are not happy with, you can always ask for a re-work which is usually for free.


Colour Consultant | 1800 All Painting

What are the Benefits of Colour Consultants?

Benefits of Using Colour Consultant

Expert Colour Consultants



When it comes to developing properties it can be very hard to choose exactly what colour scheme will be the best. Whether you’re looking to repaint your home, business or investment property, getting a professional colour consultant is always a good idea.


Did you know that colour scheme has a huge impact on how your home or commercial space is perceived?


That’s why it’s important to get a colour scheme best suits your needs. Colour consultation conducted at 1800 All Painting is trusted to be one of the best in the business.


1800 All Painting has been in the painting business for well over 15 years. Over the years, the crew at 1800 All Painting has built up an extensive amount of knowledge on many different painting projects from local businesses, government buildings and homes.

It’s with this accumulated knowledge that they are able to be able to provide the most expert advice on the right colour scheme for your property.

The team at 1800 All Painting knows what works and what doesn’t when it comes to enhancing the beauty and value of your property.


In addition, it’s important to note that with every single project 1800 All Painting provides full insurance for products and public liability.

This means that you can have one hundred percent peace of mind in your decision to choose the exceptional colour consulting service that is offered by 1800 All Painting.


The Colour Consultation provided by 1800 All Painting team is extremely extensive. They cover everything from interior and exterior colouring to eco-friendly options.

They even offer style and purpose consultation. If you’re looking to portray anything at all through the use of colour options on your property, the consultants at 1800 All Painting will be able to help you tremendously.

The cost of a consultation is one of the cheapest in the entire Melbourne area, in addition, there may be extra benefits if you decide to upgrade the consultation into a proper painting project.


The colour consultants at 1800 All Painting know how much of a difference a particular colour scheme makes for the interior and exterior of a house.

Hence, they will be able to give you the most up to date advice on what colour schemes would work best on the inside of the property and what colour scheme would work best for the outside of a property.

An example of a colour scheme that is advised to a customer who is looking to portray a calm and carefree setting and attract customers to a beachside hotel is white on the outside and white on the inside. The light shades of white portray to the viewer a very relaxed and carefree atmosphere which is most importantly enjoyable.


In addition to the wide range of expert advice on the interior and exterior colour schemes, there is also advice on purpose. This definitely ties in with the hotel example stated in the above paragraph.

The consultants at 1800 All Painting will ask the exact purpose of the property you’re looking to colour. If you are looking to make your property blend more with the background and be as inconspicuous as possible; 1800 All Painting Team may recommend that you choose from a bunch of tasteful, warm colour schemes which will serve this purpose very well.


In addition to purpose consulting comes style consulting. Style consulting is building further onto purpose colour consultation, but with more emphasis on aesthetics rather than for purely practical reasons.

Also, the team at 1800 All Painting will discuss with you the hottest painting trends that they can incorporate into your property. Furthermore, they can work with any unique design and style options you want.


The reviews that have gathered through the 1800 All Painting colour consultation services have been widely positive. There have been hundreds of businesses in Melbourne who have taken advantage of the talented colour consultants that have been hired by 1800 All Painting.

Many of these men and women have said that the colour consultation for their business has allowed them to bring home a lot more revenue then what they ever thought they could.


If you’re in Melbourne and looking to give your property the edge it needs to succeed, 1800 All Painting colour consultation is definitely the way to go. Join up and work with the expert colour consultants at 1800 All Painting and reap the benefits!


Source: Courtesy of 1800 All Painting Melbourne, Australia