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What Is A Manual Handling Course

When you are looking for the manual handling course you will find that it can be difficult to understand the course or even how to implement the course. What is even worse is some companies when they are looking at the manual handling course they do not even know what these courses are or what they are required to be put in place.

What Is A Manual Handling Definition

A key starting point you need to look at is understanding what the manual handling is going to be talking about. The definition as a paraphrase here is going to be defined as any type of work that requires you to lift, push, or pull. So this entails almost any type of work because even a secretary will have to lift reams of paper from time to time. This is coming from the Manual Handling Operating Regulations 1992.

The program and regulations came about because of a spike and consistent rise in the injuries in the muscular and skeletal systems of the body. With the program it is meant to help educate people in how to reduce their injury rates by education on how to lift and protect themselves from the injury they could be suffering from.

In the system that was implemented, you will notice it will have a tier type of system. This system is going to help provide a step plan to implement any course you plan on using.

The first step is to do a training on how to avoid any type of situation that could cause harm. This can only be done if the people can do so feasibly and not have to be concerned about not being able to complete the job while doing it.

The second step you need to do will be to assess the situations that are going to be unavoidable. For example, in some jobs, you will find that you cannot help the work that could lead to injury. Think about the fire service for this type of work.

Finally, you will notice the third step is to use a program that will help in reducing the risk of injury as much as reasonably possible. This can come from providing the proper training, but also getting the equipment people may need to use to help them stay safe when they are in the field working.

Backsafe TrainingImplementation of the TILEO program is going to be something else that can help out as well. When you are using the TILEO program, it will be easier for you to find the help and guidance for the employees to follow and know they will be protected.

You may be asking yourself what does TILEO even stand for. Well, that is a good question and one that is going to be answered as it is covered by the Task, Individual, Load, Environment, and Other Factors. All of these are going to be important for people to evaluate and it will make a difference in how well people are able to perform when they are getting the treatment. At the same time, though, it can help people feel safe if they are following the chart properly.

Learning about a manual handling course is a good thing. However, what you need to realize is these courses are often required by law and it is important to have them to be in compliance with the law. At the same time, though, you need to make sure the courses are being done in a way that they are going to keep the employees safe and educated on how to properly handle any type of manual work.