An Overview Of The Creative Arts


If you have ever heard someone refer to the creative arts, you might wonder what this means. You might initially believe that this is referring to the art such as painting, but it is actually much more comprehensive. Creative arts refers to many subjects including writing, music, visual arts, photography, and even drama and theater. These are subjects that deal with artistic expression, allowing people to be as creative as they want, expressed visually, in written form and with music. Let’s go over some of the more popular forms of creative art, and then show you why you should develop yourself in these areas.


Drama And Theater

ballet dancers in silhouettes

People that go to high school, and subsequently in college, have likely taken a course in drama. This is where you are able to learn how to express yourself, participating in plays in front of an audience, enacting a role within the context of the play. Drama courses must be taken in order to become more proficient if you decide to have a career in theater. There are many people that have become very famous in the movies that were once only actors on a stage. This is something that can also be beneficial if you decide to teach drama or theater in college. It is a profession that will always attract people that are very comfortable on stage, individuals that are born to be actors.


Art And Sculpting

sculpting art

Individuals that have a natural gift for drawing, sketching, or painting portraits, have the gift of art. They may also be very good with creating sculptures with their hands, creating either objects or lifelike representations of people. All of this is done with right brain thinking, and those that are good with art or sculpting tend to be very expressive. The same individuals that are good at drama and theater may also have a marked propensity toward some form of artistic expression.


Photography And Graphics Design

woman taking photo

Many people believe that cameras, photography, and graphics design on computers has actually harmed the world of art. 30 years ago, prior to the advent of computer aided drawings, and digital photographs, more people were interested in learning how to paint or draw. Today, it’s as simple as taking out your phone to snap a picture, and using Photoshop to make the image absolutely outstanding. There is no need to become skilled at learning how to draw or paint because this is all done with digital photography and software programs. However, it still requires some amount of skill to capture that perfect picture, and also reconfigure that picture into something beautiful. It is simply another way to express the artistic ability of people, those that are definitely artistically inclined.


Writing And Poetry

quill pen writing poetry

Finally, another way that people can express their creativity is to write either stories or poetry. Some of the greatest playwrights, such as Shakespeare, were able to express their high level of creativity in written form. Although this was written out, it allowed people to express themselves creatively by acting out all of the parts, allowing this form of artistic expression to come full circle. It is yet another way for people to become expressive in a creative way.


Creative arts is simply a representation of the creativity that all people have expressed in different ways. Whether you are a sculptor, painter, or a person that can take fantastic pictures with digital cameras, it’s all about obtaining and displaying some format of artistic expression. Once you have discovered what your gift is, you can pursue this with a passion. Whether you decide to take classes or to do this at a professional level, it will likely make your life more fulfilling by allowing yourself to be artistically creative.