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Picking the Perfect Functional and Decorative Art

When picking a piece of furniture or a decoration for a household, there are a lot of different considerations to be made. It’s important that the piece looks good in its designated setting, but also that it will continue to appear well made and fresh after years of use. Aside from that, there are also stylistic choices to be made, and ethical considerations when looking at the material and labor that goes into a household decoration.

While this type of meditation is commonly implemented by those who are looking to buy new wares for their home, a consideration that many people fail to make is that of craft. When most individuals think of art, they probably imagine a painting or sculpture in a museum somewhere, carefully protected and placed behind a velvet rope. When people think art, they think delicate and expensive.

In reality, the limitations on the form of artistic representation are a great deal more lax and accepting than most individuals imagine. Art doesn’t need to be restricted to classic mediums, like portraiture and marble busts. Many of the common objects we make use of every day can, in fact, be art, as their construction can utilize a significant amount of expertise and attention to detail. In other words, buying a new piece of furniture or a decoration can be the same thing as buying a piece of art.

For those who are interested in buying art that is both beautiful and functional, here are some of the best mediums that frequently bring together these two qualities.

  1. Quilts


    For many centuries, sewing and the construction of fabric based homewares were considered women’s work, and therefore unworthy of higher appreciation. It was not until the turn of the 20th century that some artists began to promote the appreciation of crafts and domestic creations as art forms.

    Quilts are some of the most labor intensive and complicated pieces of sewing around. They are constructed from many disparate pieces of fabric, and their patterns often reflect decades of family heritage and passed down artistry. They make a great wall decoration or bedspread, and lend a rustic charm to any room that they are shown in.

  2. Pottery

    colorful ceramics

    While pottery has always been seen as an art form, the diminishing reliance on pots for use as storage and drinking vessels as reduced their visibility in the public eye. Today, most people are used to using storage vessels made of glass or plastic.

    This does not mean that pots are any less functional than they ever were. They are long lasting and have the distinct advantage of not leaching harmful chemicals into the fluid stored within them. They are made of relatively inert stoneware and come in a wide variety of different glazes and textural finishes. These qualities make them very well suited for matching to any room or dining set.

  3. Rugs


    Rugs are still relatively common within homes, as they play a vital role in houses that primarily have tile or hardwood flooring. Putting a rug down can add visual interest to a room while also helping the occupants of the room keep their feet warm.

    The creation of rugs has long been a widely cherished art form in the middle east, especially among any groups with Persian heritage. The best rugs have very complicated designs that are visible from both sides of the rug, with both qualities resulting from the delicate and labor intensive weaving process. A good Persian rug is often considered to be extremely valuable, an asset on par with any painting or statue.

  4. Fountains


    All around the world, fountains and other running water features are widely appreciated and highly regarded as serene looking and elegant decorations. What many people don’t know is that they are in fact quite functional as well. A good fountain will help increase the humidity of a space dramatically, curbing some of the problems that can result from the overly dry air. The tinkle of water produced by a fountain is also very calming and helps to create a soothing atmosphere that promotes the elimination of stress.

  5. Silverware

    silverware place setting

    Finally, silverware is a type of functional valuable that has become somewhat forgotten over time. It was not long ago that every family had a set of beautifully cast silverware that was reserved for fine dining occasions, an heirloom which was a substantial source of value and added elegance to any dining occasion. These days, silverware is easier to find than ever, and a full collection of valuable cutlery can often be discovered at flea markets and auction.

Next time you are picking out a new piece of furniture or decoration for your home, considers buying art that might serve the same purpose. This allows you to enjoy all of the same functionality, all with the knowledge that you own a one of a kind item.