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Modern Paint: What Are The Pros And The Cons?

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The paint on your walls can make just about any statement you want it to. Whether you want a home that is sleek and modern, light and airy, or dramatic, the paint color on your walls can speak words louder than you could imagine. Even if you can’t hear the words that the paint is saying, others will notice it. As you think about the paint and if you want it on your walls, here is some great

Information that you can use to compare the pros and the cons


One great thing about paint is that you can choose just about any color that you desire and add it to your walls. Does your daughter want a hot pink room? Paint makes it possible.

Another great advantage of paint is that it is easy to use. For instance, you can change the color of your living room walls in a weekend. So, if you decide on a whim that you want a new look in any room of your home, it is quite easy to make that happen.

Also, paint is quite durable. Depending on the paint you use, your walls, and the activity in your home, the walls will look great for quite a while. While you will likely have to wash your walls from time to time, the durable coats stand up to regular and spot cleaning.

As if that is not enough, paint is a cost-effective solution. As you consider paint or wallpaper for your walls, the paint costs quite a bit less. It also doesn’t require the same amount of supplies that other options need so applying it is more cost efficient, too.


One disadvantage of using paint on your walls is that it can be quite messy to use. Not only is it a mess, but it can get on your clothes, in your hair, on your skin, and it takes quite a long time to get off your skin, but will likely stay in your clothes forever.

Another con of paint is that the options are limited. While you can choose any color that you want, there are some limits. Unlike wallpaper which can come in many different patterns or textures, paint only has a couple different finishes and they aren’t as exciting as wallpaper.

Also, when you paint, it takes a long time to dry. Other options do not typically take the amount of time paint does once it is applied.

Paint can stink, too, and have chemicals in it that you would rather avoid. If you are sensitive to smells or various chemicals, you may not like that about paint.

In conclusion, there are great things about modern paint on your walls and there are some things that aren’t so great. As you consider this option, it is important to consider both sides.