The Top Modern Wall Painting Trends of 2016

Bedroom Wall Art

Any interior decorator knows that nothing changes the visual quality of a room more than the paint on its walls. Different types of paint treatment can impart wildly different aesthetic effects, taking a room from cozy seaside cottage to chic penthouse apartment in no time. It is also one of the most affordable ways to try a new style of decoration, as it requires little more than a few cans of paint and a roller. For those who are looking to experiment with different modern wall painting techniques, here are the styles that are ruling the roost in 2016.

  1. Bold Patterns
    Say goodbye to grandmotherly pinstripes or fussy florals; these days, it’s all about bringing the drama. Bold patterns in eye-catching, contrasting colors are a great way to add a dash of unexpected visual flair to a room, without breaking the bank on expensive designer furniture.Think a room-wide chevron pattern in tangerine and white or plate sized polka dots on a turquoise background. Fun patterns are a great way to brighten the room and add a touch of delight to a child’s bedroom. Painted on patterns can also be used to suggest architectural features; think painted on wall panels, done in a slightly darker shade of the background color.

  2. Glazing and Other Textures
    Modern advances in wall paint have made it so that you can do more than changing the color of your walls: you can change the texture as well! Glazing is a technique that produces a ceramic like shiny surface, which is surprisingly sophisticated and very pretty. A stucco like texture can also be applied, producing a sun shaded Spanish villa effect. You can even mix it up a little; do one wall in a textured treatment, and leave the rest normal. The possibilities are endless!

  3. Dark Colors
    The traditional advice has always been to avoid dark colors, as they can make a room look smaller. But they can also lend rooms that already have an airier design a polished, mature air of sophistication. Try a dressy olive green, or a dramatic silky charcoal for a pulled together but not so Dracula vibe.

With modern paint treatments, it’s possible to do more than influence the look of the room. By changing its textures and architectural appearance, any homeowner can give a room an entirely fresh feel, anytime they want to.